Georgia-Based Memorabilia Company Apologizes for Selling Photo of Hit That Left Marvin Harrison Jr. Concussed with “Night Night” Inscription

By Garrick Hodge on February 8, 2023 at 9:40 pm
Javon Bullard’s hit on Marvin Harrison Jr.
Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch/USA TODAY Network

Update: In a Facebook post Wednesday night, More Than Sports CEO Nick Radosta issued a public apology to Harrison and his family and said the photos featuring the “Night Night” inscription will no longer be sold, while all proceeds from photos that have already been sold will be donated to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

A Georgia-based memorabilia business called More Than Sports is selling two different signed photos of Javon Bullard's hit on Marvin Harrison Jr. that knocked the OSU wideout unconscious during the Buckeyes’ College Football Playoff loss late in the third quarter on New Year's Eve.

On both photos, which are being sold for $129.99 each, Bullard has inscribed the phrase “Night Night” along with his signature.

Signed photo of Javon Bullard hit on Marvin Harrison Jr.
The photo being sold by More Than Sports.

The item description reads:

Javon Bullard hand signed photo. Javon Bullard knows for his Chickfla Peach Bowl MVP and MVP in the National Championship as well!! This is iconic shot of potential game saving hit that was laid on Marvin Harrison Jr!!

Inscribed "Night Night"

Don't miss out on this great item!!

Harrison Jr. himself reacted to the news Tuesday evening as well. 

The controversial hit did not sit well with Ohio State coach Ryan Day, who said Wednesday he completely disagreed with officials that told him the hit “wasn't forceful enough” for a targeting call. Harrison Jr. missed the remainder of the contest after going into concussion protocol.

The hit also proved to be a turning point in the game, as Ohio State would not score another touchdown after Harrison’s departure while Georgia outscored Ohio State 18-3 in the fourth quarter to defeat the Buckeyes, 42-41, and advance to the national championship game, where it would beat TCU to win its second consecutive title.

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