By 11W Staff on December 31, 2021 at 6:15 pm
After winning the 1997 Rose Bowl OSU #65 Juan Porter and Greg Bellisari share passing around the Rose Bowl Trophy . Photo by Eric Albrecht
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Welcome to the season finale of Friday Night Fights.

This is your opportunity to prove how clairvoyant you are in predicting Ohio State's upcoming football fortunes. FNF keeps the receipts and shows everyone each week how good your #takes were - if you were brave enough to defend them and get bold in the comments below.

When we last fought, the Buckeyes visited Ann Arbor and, well, they got back home safely. Congrats to JFBuckeye64 for the 11W FNF Take of the Week™ as chosen by 11W staff. 

all hail the 11W Takeof the Week

Here's how you voted. 

voting is power, always remember to vote

Let's get to it - here's how FNF works:

  1. Vote below.
  2. Get bold in the comments with how you think the game will go. Be funny, correct or - better yet - both.
  3. Check in on Fridays to see if your take gets framed. Then we'll do it all over again.

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