Second-Year Ohio State Defensive Lineman Jacolbe Cowan Sheds Black Stripe

By Dan Hope on April 2, 2021 at 2:40 pm
Jacolbe Cowan

Jacolbe Cowan is finally an “official” Buckeye.

After missing his entire freshman season with an injury, Cowan had his black stripe removed from his helmet on Friday, becoming the first Ohio State player to complete the team's initiation ritual in 2021.

“In life, you're gonna face obstacles. I had already faced a lot of obstacles. So I just know it's all about how you persevere through those obstacles,” Cowan said after his black stripe removal was announced.

While Cowan arrived at Ohio State more than a year ago as a midyear enrollee, he was listed as unavailable for all eight of the Buckeyes' games in 2020, and players typically do not have their black stripes removed while they are unable to practice. The specific nature of his injury has not been disclosed.

Now that he is finally healthy, Cowan will look to earn playing time on Ohio State's defensive line in his second year as a Buckeye. He's listed on the roster as a 6-foot-4, 280-pound defensive tackle, though it's also possible he could end up at defensive end.

Cowan was the only scholarship player in Ohio State's recruiting class of 2020 who did not have his black stripe removed last season.

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