Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith “Pissed” at Overreach From the Replay Booth

By Kevin Harrish on December 29, 2019 at 2:49 am
Gene Smith is pissed

The replay booth was not kind to the Buckeyes on Saturday night, and Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith was far from pleased.

Two game-changing calls went against the Buckeyes after a replay review on Saturday night, one resulting in a player ejection and the other in an Ohio State touchdown being taken off the board.

After the game, Smith was quick to share his thoughts on the situation with a couple reporters.

The call that seemed to draw Smith's ire the most was the overturned fumble late in the third quarter. Clemson receiver Justyn Ross appeared to make a catch and lose the ball after gaining possession and taking at least three steps, and Ohio State safety Jordan Fuller picked it up and returned it for a touchdown.

But after a review from the booth, the call was changed to an incomplete pass.

"After the video, instant replay in the stadium as well as back at the video center, they both looked at it slow and fast and they determined when he moved, the ball was becoming loose in his hands and he did not complete the process of the catch," referee Ken Williamson said after the game.

Smith disagreed with that assessment, and used the opinion of veteran NFL referee Terry McAulay for support.

Ultimately, Ohio State fell to Clemson 29-23, ending its undefeated season in the College Football Playoff semifinals. Smith's displeasure will not change that, but it isn't stopping him from speaking his mind and fighting on behalf of his team.

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