Buckeye B-@-tle Cry: It Was Michigan's Turn to Face the Juggernaut Ryan Day Built, and Oh Buddy It Was Entertaining

By David Regimbal on December 2, 2019 at 12:32 pm
Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields

Every week, Eleven Warriors dives into the mentions of Ohio State's coaches and players to bring you the #HotTakes and ramblings of Buckeye Nation. This week, we're looking back at another dominant win over Michigan.

Time is a flat circle.

Certain things change, but Ohio State's dominance over Michigan didn't on Saturday. The Buckeyes had a new, born-outside-of-Ohio head coach and a quarterback making his first-ever appearance in this rivalry game. It didn't stop the guys wearing Scarlet and Gray from hanging 56 points on the Wolverines in a 29-point rout.

Justin Fields threw for a non-Rutgers career-high 302 yards and four touchdowns. J.K. Dobbins ran for a career-high 211 yards and added four touchdowns himself. Day was so proud of his team and the win that he was nearly brought to tears in his postgame interview.

And as Michigan fans drained from the stadium before the end of the game — even though their tickets gave them access to stay and watch all four quarters — the Buckeye fans in attendance took over the same way the team on the field did.

You just absolutely love to see it. Let's get to the mentions.

@ Ryan Day

Maybe these Michigan fellas should put a halt on their custom shirts for a few years.

Y'all were bloodthirsty on Saturday. I get it.

Hang 60 on 'em! No 70! How 'bout A BILLION!

Ohhhh stay salty my dude.

There are an ocean of these kind of pictures in Ohio State's mentions every week — a very moms making memes on facebook energy to them — and I almost unanimously ignore them. For whatever reason this one made me chortle. 

He gets us.

@ Justin Fields

Well, probably the whole state of Michigan, for starters.

Fields was a bit amped to start the game, but oh buddy did he settle in.

And to think they got even crazier as the game went on.

Sad Georgia fans returned to Fields' mentions this week.

The only thing that thwarted the good vibes on Saturday is when we all thought Fields was done for the season after what appeared to be a serious knee injury.

Fortunately, he did say "sike."

Leave poor Tathan out of this y'all.

@ J.K. Dobbins

It was all Dobbins on the opening drive, and that sad Michigan defender is still falling through an empty void.

Some of the graphics I see on a weekly basis kill me. Why did y'all make Dobbins look like one of the children from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

Correct. So they tried a different strategy...

I still can't get over this. Neither can y'all.

I'm really uncomfortable with this analogy, Carolyn.

Like... two guys worked together to do this. It was a collaborative effort. I need to hear how they schemed this up.

Anyway back to normal football stuff.

I had watched this game three times before noticing this.

Dobbins started the game dribbling. He ended the game dunking on Michigan.

Someone with video editing $killz should take these highlights and set it to this song:

That's it for this week. See y'all in Indianapolis.

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