Documents Released on Wednesday Show Broader Pattern of Alleged Abuse by Zach Smith

By 11W Staff on August 1, 2018 at 6:51 pm
Zach Smith

Further details continue to emerge concerning domestic abuse allegations against Zach Smith. 

According to a report from Bill Landis of, nine reports filed with Powell Police show a pattern of domestic violence concerning former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith and Courtney Carano Smith. 

Those police reports obtained by include the following:

* A handful of child custody disputes.

* A report from Oct. 21, 2015 indicates Courtney informed police that she felt she was being followed by someone in a black SUV, and shared she was having issues “with her soon to be ex-husband.” That was the first mention of domestic issues found in the reports obtained by

* Another report from Oct. 26, 2015 details Courtney Smith telling Powell police she wished to file a restraining order against her husband.

* There’s a report from January 5, 2016 in which Courtney Smith was given a speeding warning. Smith shared that she was having domestic issues with her ex-husband that day, and that the City of Powell was aware of it. The report adds that she was crying and visibly upset.

* An incident on December 17, 2017 when Courtney reported neighbors seeing Zach looking through the windows of her home, the windows of her vehicle and banging on the door of her home at 1:30 a.m. No charges were filed from that incident, but Zach Smith was issued a trespass warning.

In addition to the report, The Columbus Dispatch obtained previously sealed court documents, in which Courtney describes additional  details that led to police involvement and ultimately, divorce. 

The report from The Dispatch states that Courtney kept the court documents sealed in order to “to protect certain personal interests which, if published, may negatively affect (Zach Smith’s) occupation, the parties’ financial circumstances and the children’s well-being.”

From The Dispatch report: 

“The stalking and harassment never stopped,” Courtney Smith in the court documents. “He never followed the shared parenting plan and would tell me he didn’t have to because he knew I couldn’t afford to pay for an attorney.

“He would corner me in my laundry while groping me and pulling his pants down and begging for sex.”

She described hidden cameras she found in her home, which she said were used by Zach to surveil her, their children and her boyfriend.

Courtney filed a civil protection order against Zach on July 20, three days before he was fired. 

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