Bob Evans Names Urban Meyer “Head Breakfast Coach” For Marketing Campaign

By Kevin Harrish on July 30, 2018 at 10:25 am
Urban Meyer is Bob Evans' new "Breakfast Coach"
Bob Evans

Urban Meyer is taking on a new challenge this fall – selling breakfast.

The Ohio-based breakfast chain Bob Evans tabbed Meyer as its inaugural "Head Breakfast Coach," citing Meyer's Ohio roots, family values and frequent visits to Bob Evans to make him the perfect match. The Buckeye coach "embodies the same values the family dining restaurant was founded on – a down-to-earth, generous and hardworking way of life that is 'The Ohio Way,” the restaurant said in a press release.

"I know that every winning day starts with a hearty breakfast, so I'm happy to help Bob Evans announce the Everything Breakfast," Meyer said in the release. "Just like I expect our players to put everything they have into each game, Bob Evans is doing the same with this signature breakfast which includes three scrambled eggs, Bob Evans fresh sausage, hickory smoked ham, hardwood smoked bacon, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, hollandaise and scallions on a bed of hash browns and served with their new griddled biscuit. Now that's what I call Nine Strong."

Meyer's addition to the team will look to help Bob Evans get an edge over rival IHOP this fall, who's primary color is blue, fittingly.

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