Buckeye B-@-tle Cry: Ohio State Fans Celebrated Back-to-Back Big Ten Titles During the Blowout Northwestern Win

By David Regimbal on December 3, 2018 at 9:35 am
Urban Meyer
Eleven Warriors

Every week, Eleven Warriors will dive into the mentions of Ohio State's coaches and players to bring you the #HotTakes and ramblings of Buckeye Nation. This week, Ohio State fans celebrated a championship.

Despite the disappointment of being left at the doorstep of the playoff for the second consecutive season, Ohio State got the grandaddy of all consolation prizes with an invite to the Rose Bowl. 

Think about where this team was coming off that loss to Purdue. Or heck, even the week leading up to the Michigan game. If we had polled Ohio State fans back then, winning the Big Ten and going to the Rose Bowl would've seemed more like a fantasy than anything. 

So while being left out of the playoffs again is a tough pill to swallow, let's try and focus on the positives. Even if we're certain Ohio State would beat Notre Dame into an unrecognizable mess.

Back to Northwestern — Pat Fitzgerald had his squad ready to play in Indianapolis, but the proverbial damn broke in the fourth quarter as Dwayne Haskins and Co. poured it on to seal a 45-21 win.

Let's get to those championship tweets.

@ Urban Meyer

One week removed from gashing all of Michigan's hopes and dreams and Ohio State fans are still ruthlessly clowning Jim Harbaugh.

Early and throughout the game, it was clear Ohio State fans wanted a blowout.  It's what they got, but it wasn't enough.

Yeah, even though you're widely heralded as one of the best coaches not just in the country right now, but in college football history, we don't want another season like this championship one you just orchestrated. 

This has become the song that never ends.

"Love, Craig." 

Now this is a take I'd like to gather around with some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers for an evening of fun with friends. Imagine Meyer pulling Ryan Day and Greg Schiano aside during halftime and saying something like, "We're beating these guys too soundly, we need to get sloppy enough in the third quarter or, god forbid, they're going to put us in the playoff." 

No team in college football was penalized for fewer yards in 2018 than Northwestern. No team in college football was penalized for more yards in 2018 than Ohio State. Courtney you weren't witnessing a refreshing lack of favoritism. This is exactly who these teams are.

Yeah idiot, you either win by an impossible amount or get blown out. Everyone knows that.

You're supposed to be the greatest of all time! You're acting like someone who is not the greatest of all time!

@ Dwayne Haskins

My favorite part about this tweet is that he also tagged LeBron James and then hashtagged "columbusOH." 

Haskins was in his bag early, and y'all loved it.


Don't you dare compare Ohio State's quarterback to that embarrassment. 

I wish more people showed up in my mentions with this enthusiasm. 

The man does need to work on his slide though.

I love that Austin went out and found the most boring dime gif the Internet had to offer.

That's better.

Let's go ahead and frame this in the #BadTakesHallOfFame.

Well you'd probably be dead though so don't do this.

What say you, Mr. Haskins?

@ Greg Schiano

It wasn't all roses on the timeline this week. That brings us to Schiano's mentions.

This was my favorite tweet of the week and there isn't really a close second.

If he hasn't figured this out already, when does it get to a point where we're the foolish ones for expecting it to change.

Yes, we will always have that punt block. 

Only 29 days until the Rose Bowl. The B-@-tle Cry will see you then. 

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