Meyer's Mentions: People Dislike "Best Fridays in Football," White Jerseys and Mentions Get Dry When It's Illinois

By Jimmy Longo on November 20, 2017 at 9:35 am
Urban Meyer
USA Today Sports — Greg Bartram

Being the coach of the local team at any institution, you're going to get a lot of heat. At Ohio State, Urban Meyer isn't free from the Twitter fingers.

It was another weekend of Urban kicking in the teeth of the opposing football team's players. This time, Ohio State did so in the middle of an actual monsoon. But prior to, fans were gearing up for the big game in the days ahead.


I take the point — I also like your Twitter name Trubisky is Developing

Ohio State should NOT take advantage of being paid millions of dollars from Nike every single year! Nope!

Listen folks, it's obvious that uniforms are not determinant on the skill, preparation and outcome of a football game. The Ohio State defense could walk out onto the field in potato sacks and they're still going to bury Jim Harbaugh's soul beneath the 15 yard line. They're just going to look so ~swaggy~ Saturday when they do it.


Hello, welcome to the general section of the undercard. Welcome in my boy Ramzy. Swell guy I tell you.

Hello, Ohio State is going to paste Michigan to an 8-4 record Saturday and then put Alex Hornibrook over a knee the following Saturday. I think the Rose Bowl is more suitable.

Solid #content ideas, @judgejudyfan14.

Well, People hate "Best Fridays in Football"

Hello Ben Driskell, the "best Fridays in football" is when a bunch of Div. I athletes do fun things like dunk tennis balls into trash cans to get the blood flowing before they wreck the guy across from them on Saturdays.

Gaaaaaaaame day

Dennis my man, they get Buckeye leaves for doing exactly that.

The Game

Well, it was Illinois. The only opposing fans in attendance were the parents of players and thus the mentions during the game were fairly sparse. That is, sparse because the sky opened up and the rain prevented the people from tweeting, probably. But anyways, here's how it went.

Something doesn't add up here. 

And one more thing

It's hate week. Get dumped, Michigan.

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