Meyer's Mentions: Woody Wished Urban Good Luck, People Love Urban and Fans Reacted to Running the Ball

By Jimmy Longo on November 13, 2017 at 9:25 am
Urban Meyer

USA Today Sports — Joseph Maiorana


Being the coach of the local team at any institution, you're going to get a lot of heat. At Ohio State, Urban isn't free from the Twitter fingers — even when you curb stomp Michigan State.

To the surprise of many (I, yes, I was one), Urban woke up Saturday morning, had his juice, three eggs and wolverine sausage patties, strapped up his steel-toed boots — not Red Wings — and then drove 20 minutes to Ohio Stadium where he promptly kicked Michigan State's teeth in.

Without starting two starting linebackers in Dante Booker and Jerome Baker, the Ohio State defense only gave up three points following giving up 55 to Iowa.

Twitter was lit.


The alternate uniforms are a better look than your twitter handle, @crustybuckeye.


Note the dinner-seekers name.

Agreed, Ohio State is very fun.

Put one hand in the air while taking a swig of an Old English 40 oz. before pouring one out for Woody.

Thank you to all current service members and veterans who spend time reading about what people tweet at Urban. It puts food in my mouth and I appreciate you for your service.

Game tweets — running backs and good stuff


Larry it may be time to rethink your inner conscience and the communication between your brain and your fingers and the Twitter app.

The "forward pass"

Hello, son. This is your dad. The forward pass was first made legal and implemented in 1906 and not 1910. If you wanted to see what the Ohio State offense looked like in 1910, well, you saw it. 

Ohio State ran the ball and people let urban know they did

 Jinkies, Chris.

Hey man, he did.

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