Ohio State Fans Who Wanted J.T. Barrett Benched Weigh in After His Incredible Outing Against Penn State

By 11W Staff on October 28, 2017 at 11:40 pm
J.T. Fucking Barrett

For the better part of six weeks – as J.T. Barrett and the Ohio State offense rolled up big numbers against the likes of Army, UNLV, Rutgers, Maryland, and Nebraska, we heard the same thing over and over on social media: “Let's see Barrett do this against a good team.”

It was the retort of frustrated fans who had seen Barrett struggle in several recent big games, including the double-overtime win over Michigan, the thumping the Buckeyes took in the Fiesta Bowl at the hands of Clemson and the week two upset at home to Oklahoma.

The replies were so consistent and relentless that they felt engineered by bots at times.

Barrett named Davey O'Brien Award National Quarterback of the Week? “Get back to me when he plays a good defense,” they said.

Five-straight games of 500 yards or more in total offense and four games in-a-row hitting the 50-point mark? “Just wait until he plays Penn State,” came the retort.

Saturday night, in the finest game of his Ohio State career, Barrett emphatically answered all of his doubters, rolling to a school record 423 yards of total offense, and completing his final 16 passes – part of a 4th quarter that would see him go 13-13 for 170 yards and 3 touchdowns – in leading his Buckeyes back to a 39-38 win over Penn State.

It's dinner time and crow is on the menu. Thankfully, Ohio State fans, thrilled to see Death Star Barrett destroy the No. 2 team in the nation, were only too happy to share their crow-eatin' tales when we asked.

This is next level crow eating here:

Alas, you can't convert them all:

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