Meyer's Mentions: Happy Halloween Urban, More Jersey Shenanigans and James Franklin Forgot the Wrong Thing

By Jimmy Longo on October 23, 2017 at 9:35 am
Urban Meyer
USA Today Sports — Noah K. Murray

Being the coach of the local team at any institution, you're going to get a lot of heat. At Ohio State, Urban Meyer isn't free from the Twitter fingers — even during an open week.


Without a Big Ten road night game to complain about or hasty fans to get on Papa Urbs for calling dimes while up five scores, the wastelands of Urban Meyer Twitter was less than normal, though still full of gold.

Pure gold election yard sign there. Let it be known that when Ohio's governor runs for election in 2020, I am going to be making GIFs of all of Urban Meyer's opponents peeing themselves.

Also let it be known that's the coolest Ohio State-related Halloween set up I've ever seen in a front yard. Care to share the address? I promise I won't take your wireless Beats and $100+ Nike pullover.

I am in favor of high school-aged Urban Meyer pictures popping up in Urban's mentions.

I am also a better quarterback than Joe Thomas Barrett IV, according to some, probably.

Nothing prompted this one, just ole' boy named Comrade Dingus telling the ball coach to drink some bleach.

It's okay pal, I'd get really bitter and tweet things at Urban Meyer if I loved Vladimir Putin, Russian music and didn't know how to spell Detroit either.

And finally, the question of the century:

It's catch — or tossing the pigskin, rifling a dead hog, or heaving a screaming mimi. Whatever you prefer.

More Jersey Shenanigans

Yeah folks I don't like the jerseys either. I think they'll be better in person, I just wish they had more red to them.

Like this commenter's design:

ooooh shiny

But alas, people still think that Urban is taking things into consideration.

Ole' Victory Bell

I'd be remise if we didn't include my mans VictoryBell. 

But not even VictoryBell's takes border this one:

I can promise that the brand and the elite level of performance isn't determinant based upon gray threads and splotchy helmets.

Please Don't Disrespect My President

It all started after Penn State took Jim Harbaugh's band of Wolverines, stuffed them into a cannon and fired them into the sun. James Franklin apparently whipped up some amnesia pie and forgot the Nittany Lions are coming to Columbus this week. Fatal, fatal mistake. 

I always love when fans do their duty and make sure Urban knows on Twitter. Thanks guys.

And let's be real — James Franklin has been thinking about this game for a while. If you coached at a sub-tier SEC football school, your cold sweat dreams revolve around who's next on the schedule even during the offseason. I doubt he's less concerned about Urban.

See you Saturday, Jim. I can't wait for the tweets.

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