Video: Alabama and Georgia Fans, on Brink of Potential Championship, Talk Trash About Ohio State

By D.J. Byrnes on January 8, 2018 at 9:47 am

Georgia and Alabama, two teams who are not national champion Central Florida, will play for a fancy third-place trophy in Atlanta on Monday night.

For some reason, Tide and and Dawg fans spent the lead up to the game talking trash about Ohio State winning "the chicken farm or whatever" in a video that will assuredly remind Buckeye fans why they cancelled their Sports Illustrated subscription in 2003.

As an Ohio State fan, I am not mad. That's a feeling I have never felt in over 24 years of online travels. I find this funny and am laughing in my mansion, actually.

Maybe the Tide and Dawgs would have topped our beloved local team in the playoffs. Had that matchup occurred, I would have rolled the dice and lived with the consequences. Unfortunately we'll never know thanks to an inexplicable beating that occurred in Iowa City back in November. 

Alas, we're still paying off those hospital bills, while Tide and Dawgs fans are spending their time trashing a team not even involved in the big game. God bless this stupid sport we can't live without.

[H/T: Eph97]

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