Photo: Urban Meyer Quoted In Oregon's Facility

By D.J. Byrnes on July 8, 2015 at 6:40 pm

Urban Meyer is a football innovator, so it makes sense he's long been a fan of Chip Kelly, and by extension, Oregon football. 

It appears Urban Meyer was lauding the Ducks when he was Florida's head coach — 10,000 Gator fans just walked into the Gulf of Mexico — in 2010:

“I just see the evolution of the game right now,” Meyer said. “If you sit and watch a game on Saturday night and watch highlights, it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch Oregon play a college football game right now.

Urban's adorable syntax aside, it's a pretty solid quote from a pretty solid football coach. It's the kind of quote that would look good on the wall. 

... Unless that same guy comes back around and Tombstones you on national television. Then it's just a little bit awkward, right?

And before Ducks fans think I'm aggrieved: Just know I know those feels, y'all. Unfortunately, I doubt Urban Meyer ever leaves Ohio State to lead Oregon to glory.

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