Eddie George and Charles Woodson Agree: The Game Shouldn't Start Earlier Than 3:30

By D.J. Byrnes on July 3, 2015 at 6:45 pm
Charles Woodson, Boss

Back when Michigan was nationally relevant, there were some people who thought The Game deserved an unprecedented night kickoff. There's another camp of traditionalists that prefer the noon kick until the end of time.

The 3:30 kick, which has been used in recent years, is a decent compromise between the two.

Charles Woodson and Eddie George seem to think it should be the new norm.

According to the Ohioan wine connoisseur, Woodson and Eddie George are united in a belief that The Game should never kickoff before 3:30. Woodson is calling it a movement.

Via Woodson's Facebook:

The Movement

The death of the noon kick would no doubt rankle some, and could be a slippery slope to an eventual night game. A night game could be legendary, but it could also shatter arrest records.

Regardless, it makes you think (about what smart-ass comments to leave on Woodson's wall), for sure. 

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