Jim Harbaugh Just Invited Every Coach in America to Michigan's Football Camp

By D.J. Byrnes on April 24, 2015 at 11:17 am

Alex Boone made waves earlier this week when he said his former professional coach "might be clinically insane." Today, Boone's hypothesis received what I believe to be intrinsic evidence in its support.

Jim Harbaugh invited every coach in America — yes, even three-time champion/blood rival Urban Meyer — to appear at Michigan's high school coaching camp, hence dubbed "Exposure U."

Harbaugh, if you'll recall, has also been in the news this week for pursuing "satellite camps" in the South. SEC coaches, barred by conference rules from appearing outside 50 miles outside their own campuses, are naturally crying about it. Dabo "Soybean Wind" Swinney came out against it this week. And to be fair, Urban Meyer said during spring ball they should be illegal, but didn't rule out Ohio State doing one in the future.

Obviously, you can see the game Jim Harbaugh is playing here. Here's the full image he tweeted out:

Touché to Jim Harbaugh

First: A "Well played" to Jim Harbaugh. This is a masterclass in trolling your enemies. Even as someone who wishes nothing but pain and degradation on the man... I must tip my cap. 

Two: If you're Urban Meyer... you have to accept the invite, don't you?

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