Urban Meyer Says He's Heard About Media Members Pushing Braxton Miller to Transfer

By D.J. Byrnes on February 7, 2015 at 2:01 pm
Braxton Miller

It's been a busy week for Ohio State football with National Signing Day, the Mike Weber kerfuffle, and the imminent poaching of Notre Dame's director of recruiting. 

Lost in that news, however, were some pretty big accusations by Urban Meyer during his National Signing Day appearance on FoxSports.com's Bruce Feldman's podcast.

After some discussion of Ohio State's recruits — Urban is high on 'em all, natch — Feldman asked Meyer how he's handled some of the "recruitment" that's gone on with Braxton Miller, and how weird that must be for a coach to have to deal with a recruiting circus surrounding a player already on the roster.

Urban didn't mince words:

"There's people in the media that work in some high power positions that I guess are having conversations with our players about transferring. ... That's not acceptable. ... If anybody in the media is having any conversation with one of  your players about transferring that person doesn't belong to work in the media anymore and certainly won't have access to your programs."

Feldman's question starts at the 6:38 mark:

Meyer admitted he "doesn't know enough yet," but says the fact fifth year players are turning into free agents "needs to be looked at." He added, "That's something I'm going to bring up real seriously in the next week or so."

Meyer stressed "if it's a good thing for a player to move on," he's okay with that if it's a player/team/family-driven decision. What Urban is not cool with, however, are "third uncles" and other "outside parties" trying to push their influence into the decision.

These are not light accusations from Ohio State's head coach, and Urban knows it. Given some of the spectacle that's surrounded Braxton's "re-recruitment," I'm only left to wonder what might have (and what will) transpire on those odious "back channels" we hear so much about in this realm.

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