Report: No Contact Between Braxton Miller, Oregon

By D.J. Byrnes on November 26, 2014 at 3:03 pm
Braxton Miller, quack quack?

As you may or may not have heard yesterday, a Reddit rumor from an "insider" about Braxton Miller's impending transfer to Oregon got people chattering yesterday:

I have multiple sources telling me that Urban has told him they will be going forward with Barrett next year. They wanted to give him time to make a decision. Braxton called Oregon to engage with Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost. Frost went to Ohio during our bye week (week before last). Nothing is done or imminent with Oregon.

On the face of it, Braxton Miller-to-Oregon is something makes sense. If Braxton did transfer, it certainly wouldn't be within the Big Ten. Oregon's dynamo, Marcus Mariota is participating in Senior Day activities, which means he's as good as gone. 

(Although, as Addicted to Quack's David Piper noted, it'd not be a move without risks.)

But a report from The Oregonian's Andrew Grief is likely to table all talk of a potential move to the west coast for Miller:

Here's what I know, after talking with a source Tuesday evening. There has been no contact between Oregon and either Miller or anyone acting on his behalf. Also, Scott Frost was not on the road recruiting at all during the last bye week, let alone in Ohio.

Enjoy Ohio State's remaining games, folks, because stuff like this is going to fuel 98% of off-season arguments.

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