Warrior Watch: Predicting Ohio State's Haul in the 2022 Class

By Zack Carpenter and Andrew Ellis on December 24, 2020 at 10:10 am
Kiyaunta Goodwin

We are going to preface everything you're about to read with one major caveat that Andrew always lays down on us during his first Heat Checks for each recruiting class:

It's still very early here. So we reserve the right to flip this on a dime if and when we want to. Just saying.

We've done class predictions for the 2021 class before, and we were, frankly, hit and miss there. But hey, it's Christmas, Theo, it's a time of miracles.

So maybe we'll get this one 100 percent on the money.

Without further rambling, here is our prediction for who Ohio State will land in its 2022 class and where that would stack up against past Buckeye classes:

Zack’s Prediction

Committed prospects in italics


Overall, landing this 23-man haul would give Ohio State a composite score of 315.30 points, which would rank it as the No. 2 class in program history behind the 2018 class (317.06 points) and ahead of both the 2017 class (312.14 points) and the 2021 class (310.39 points) that still may add a piece of two.

Oh, and it would also give the class an average player rating of 95.10, which would easily be the best in the modern recruiting era ahead of Ohio State's 2017 class and Alabama's current 2021 class (94.59 each). So perhaps that's a tad unrealistic but *shrugs shoulders*


  • Kiyaunta Goodwin – As if Andrew and I could highlight anybody else but the massive mammoth that is Goodwin. Probably our favorite recruit in the class other than Ewers, Goodwin would represent a huge addition to the offensive line. He's a player whose ceiling comes as a potential first-round NFL draft pick (and in his trainer's mind, the No. 1 pick in the draft), and he would help alleviate the misses in the 2021 class at offensive tackle in a major way. He is one of the best pure offensive tackles in this cycle. 
  • Caden Curry – Curry is the defensive line prediction I feel the most confident about based on location and his relationship with Larry Johnson. Even though Clemson, Alabama and Oregon are in heavy pursuit, I think the Buckeyes are eventually going to win out there once he's able to make visits. I think Ohio State needs to bring in at least two defensive tackles in this cycle, and even though I'm only confident enough to predict one player listed at DT to wind up in the class, I think a couple of those guys listed as defensive ends will have the versatility to kick inside. Which would be on brand for the guys Ohio State recruits along the defensive line.
  • Shawn Murphy – I waffled back and forth a bit about putting both Murphy and four-star outside linebacker Jalon Walker in the class. I still think that's a possibility, but I didn't feel confident enough that the Buckeyes would bring in five linebackers to put him up there. But landing Murphy would complete Al Washington's haul here and give Ohio State the best linebacker class in the nation with four players ranked in the top 50 overall when it's all said and done.

Andrew’s Prediction

Committed prospects in italics


I've also got 23 names on my list right now, but I could absolutely see that number approaching 25 when all is said and done. Is there a chance Ohio State would take a second quarterback? Sure. But I think the more likely scenario will be a portal addition at some point (think more of the Gunnar Hoak type). A few more in the trenches could be the Buckeyes' way of getting to 25. You've also got that whole special teams thing to consider.

This class would be good for a score of 318.86 and an average player rating of 95.46. That sounds a little bit crazy, but that's what can happen if and when a team is able to snag six five-star prospects (Bama's 2021 class is now up to seven, by the way). In fairness, that also includes just one three-star (Christian) and it's unlikely for any team to wind up with just one non-blue chipper.


  • Aamil Wagner – The only name on the list that has yet to receive an Ohio State offer is Dayton (Wayne) tackle Aamil Wagner. I truly feel it's only a matter of time before that happens and I expect the 6-foot-6, 250-pounder to end up in the Buckeyes' class. Notre Dame offered a little over a month ago and that's one program that knows what it's doing when it comes to the offensive line. I'm wondering if Ohio State would like to see him bulk up a bit. Here's to hoping the staff doesn't wait around too long. 
  • Omari Abor – The state of Texas has been taken over by a number of programs; none of which are the in-state Longhorns. Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, and Oklahoma have all been plucking talent left and right from the Lone Star State thanks to Tom Herman's ineptitude. Quinn Ewers and Caleb Burton are a tremendous start, and I think Duncanville's Omari Abor is a name to watch closely moving forward. His 2021 teammate Savion Byrd did just sign with Oklahoma, but if Larry Johnson zeroes in on Abor, I can't think of any reason the prized defender would side with the Sooners over the Buckeyes. 
  • Denver Harris – Sticking with the Texas theme, I really like what I'm hearing regarding Houston's Denver Harris. The Longhorns have faded in a big way which means this is trending toward an Ohio State vs. the SEC battle. LSU was viewed as a frontrunner for a few months, but Ed Orgeron is having all kinds of problems of his own right now. Perhaps this turns into a good old-fashioned Buckeye vs. Tide battle? It may take some time, but I like Ohio State's chances; especially with Ewers and Burton in the area providing support.
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