Press Coverage: Felix Okpara's Departure Changes Ohio State's Transfer Portal Outlook

By Andy Anders and Dan Hope on April 21, 2024 at 5:22 pm

Jake Diebler has been hit with another curveball in his first offseason as Ohio State's basketball coach.

Despite an initial decision to return to Ohio State, Felix Okpara entered the transfer portal on Sunday in a surprise twist, killing the dream of a twin-tower pairing with portal acquisition Aaron Bradshaw.

The Buckeyes now have an extra need to address with two scholarships available once more. With confidence in Micah Parrish's abilities to contribute to the team's ball-handling and passing from the wing, Ohio State's portal strategy remains frontcourt-focused. A variety of paths lie before them at power forward after Oakland's Trey Townsend, Central Arkansas' Tucker Anderson and Alabama's Sam Walters all visited over the past week.

Okpara's departure means the team will be looking for another physically imposing center to rebound and guard the rim, though options are limited now that several weeks have passed in the portal cycle.

Eleven Warriors' Dan Hope and Andy Anders discussed what the plan is going forward and the impact of Okpara's departure in an episode of Press Coverage, which you can view in the video player at the top of the page.

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