Across the Twitterverse: Review of the Week's Best Tweets

By Kevin Harrish on January 15, 2016 at 2:30 pm

You may find that work, school, or other obligations keep you from focusing on Twitter the way you should. Thankfully for you, I'm able to tune out those distractions and provide you with a weekly rundown of the best tweets from around campus.

It's back to school time for the Buckeyes. Winter break is over and "spring" semester started Monday with single digit temperatures. Welcome back!

Rookie move, Stephen. If the professor is over 15 minutes late, you can leave without penalty. 

We ain't come here to make friends!

No context was provided. Create your own.

Rookie error? It's his sixth semester.

Sometimes, I accidentally go entire days without eating. Stephen's just eating for both of us.

Think about this – Ohio State is currently recruiting kids that Cameron Johnston is almost old enough to have fathered.

And a late happy birthday to you!

Zone-6 For Jamarco Jones? 

Jamarco Jones seemed to think this was a great idea.

His teammates weren't exactly convinced.

I, for one, would like nothing more than to see Jamarco Jones haul in a 40 yard pass. If he got in the end zone, that would be peak Happy Jamarco.

Winter is Coming Here

With the first snowfall and subzero wind-chills of the year, winter has officially begun. Most players are less than thrilled about this development, others are Torrance Gibson.

Here's the thing – I usually make fun of the "let's make everything is about recruiting" people, but it's certainly not a bad look when the Florida boy who's never seen winter is this ecstatic about living in a tundra. At the very least, it's not hurting recruiting. Let's allow him be happy.

Meanwhile, there were some more realistic response to the weather:

It will be back, don't you worry.

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