Across The Twitterverse: Review of the Week's Best Tweets

By Kevin Harrish on August 14, 2015 at 2:45 pm

You may find that work, school, or other obligations keep you from focusing on Twitter the way you should. Thankfully for you, I'm able to tune out those distractions and provide you with a weekly rundown of the best tweets from around campus.

We're in the "complimentary dinner rolls" portion of the off-season. Ohio State camp has started along with pre-season NFL games full of obscure players and scores. Actual on-field action! We're so desperate for football that this tastes like the real  thing and we convince ourselves it's awesome (dinner rolls).

It's not that awesome. It actually is kind of more depressing than there just not being football. However, it does mean real football is just around the corner. Three weeks. We can do it.

Except, the situation got a bit more dire this week:

I read this and my stomach immediately knotted up. How am I going to do a Twitter rundown without Cardale Jones? What if more players decided to do this? What would I do? It really put things into perspective. My job security hinges on 18-22 year old college students posting funny things on the interweb. It just got real.

Well. My go-to guy is out for two weeks. Let's see who else steps up. #NextManUp

The Lakers fans in his mentions were not happy about this one...

A late entry into #QBgeddon? Or, based on that one handed snag at the end, maybe he's joining #Zone6.

Zeke is a brave, brave man. 

This is in response to news that the 2000 Rockets will be in 2K16.

Honestly, if anyone should be playing with a chip on their shoulder it's Michael Thomas. There's no doubt in my mind he's the best receiver in the country, but somehow he's on very few watch lists and draft boards. He's a first round pick after the season, guaranteed.

Watching Braxton Miller return punts might be the thing I am most excited about this season. I'll honestly be surprised if he doesn't take every single one to the house.

Mom had something to say about that...

We approve of Ms. Lee's shoe game.

"Switch numbers with me and I'll give you a Twitter shout out."


This is one of the tweets Dolodale sent this week before he went dark.


There were three birthdays this week, and the pictures were pretty fantastic.

Eli Apple

Curtis Samuel

Stephen Collier 

(Yes, it was actually his birthday this time)

uh... Whatever this is.

As a rebuttle, Alex Stump dropped this...

Alright! He went for the killshot immediately. This is like pulling out the nuke to solve illegal immigration. Effective? I mean, I guess. But the punishment doesn't fit the crime. You have to save those bombs for a much bigger Twitter beef than this, imo. Maybe Stump was just having a bad day? In any case, it's out there. Let's see the reactions.

A.J. Alexander and I are on the same page.

cardale locked out

Cardale did give us a little bit before he went dark for camp.

I have a very similar story to this. It involved a broken down car, a two hour tow truck ride, three different people thinking I was homeless, a dead phone, a megabus, and sleeping on my own couch for two days. I'll tell it on Twitter some day, probably.  

Ahhhh the plot thickens!

No harm, no foul, I guess.

this week's winner of twitter

This week, the winner is both of these guys as we mourn their loss from the Twitter-verse. It will be difficult to move on, but we're just going to have to make it work.

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