No Cap Pod: Ohio State Football's Spring Punch List and What It's Like to Drive a Rolls

By No Cap on March 5, 2021 at 8:45 am
No Cap Episode 27

No Cap, featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas, is back with another episode of the internet's smoothest podcast.

This week, the guys break down the most pressing items facing Ohio State football in spring camp, shake off the bad vibes on the hardwood, welcome the debut of #AskTyvis where he compares the perks at Ohio State to the perks in the NFL, and roast Les Miles, college football's horniest dude (allegedly).

01:55 Sometimes, You Gotta Rage Quit Madden
03:21 Feeling Good About Paying $11 for Beers Again
04:33 Can Someone Explain to us why NFTs are hot?
06:25 Get Your Free No Cap Stickers
06:44 “We Gotta Make it to Practice Three”
07:48 Gene Smith, Good Dude
10:56 When Friends Compete for Snaps
13:33 “We Definitely Are Going to See a Change from Cover-3”
15:58 Throwing Up the Three and Oh
20:09 He Blocked with Violence
21:09 Trouble on the Hardwood
24:48 B-I-G!! B-I-G!!
26:31 What It's Like to Drive a Rolls
33:28 AskTyvis: Comparing the Ohio State Perks to Pro Perks
42:53 Will Ohio State Play All of Its Games on the Dates Scheduled?
45:09 Tom Herman Aces His Own Pro Day
47:42 Les Miles is the Horniest Man in College Football (Allegedly)
51:27 Tyvis' Dating Tips, Volume I
53:36 WHAC Stories: “Don't Be a Punk”
59:58 Going for Three: They Can't Even be Elite at the One Sport We're Giving Them

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