No Cap Pod: Why C.J. Barnett is the Perfect Addition and Al Washington Ducks a Tire Fire

By No Cap on February 12, 2021 at 8:45 am
No Cap Episode 24

No Cap, featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas, is back with another episode of the internet's coldest podcast.

This week, the guys get into whether Tom Brady drinks baby blood, list the many reasons Al Washington passed on tripling his salary, break down why C.J. Barnett is a perfect hire for Ohio State, and explore the finer points of film study.

01:03 Celebrate Tyvis Eve
02:17 The Snowblower Man
03:52 Tom Brady Drinks Baby Blood
06:29 Get Your Free No Cap Stickers
07:10 Big Al Avoids the Tire Fire
10:45 Kerry Coombs Would Have Blocked My Number
11:40 “One Smart Comment Away from Me Diving on Him”
13:59 C.J. Barnett Steps into the “Real Life Coach” Role
15:44 Cops Know Other Cops
20:08 60 Years of Film Study
22:07 “I Know They See Me Standing Right Here”
25:14 Key on the Running Back
28:46 Chris Holtmann is Doing Work
35:57 Dasan McCullough Claps at Dad
39:07 Gators in the Snow?
45:37 WHAC Stories: “Get Off the Ground, Tyvis!”
53:42 Going for Three: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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