No Cap Pod: Drinking from the Hype Hose, Hating on Nebraska While Recognizing Good Guy Scott Frost, and Shaun Wade's Victory Lap

By No Cap on October 24, 2020 at 7:10 am
Master Teague is ready for Ohio State's opener

No Cap featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas is back with another live Friday night recording from Buffalo Wild Wings, the official sports bar of Eleven Warriors.

This week, the guys spend some time hating on Nebraska while appreciating Scott Frost and the simple fact that Ohio State football is back!

  02:54   Cussed at for everything you can get cussed at in football
  04:15   The American Sniper treatment
  05:25   Cook up a worse scenario
  06:59   (We were hilariously wrong about Wisconsin's offense in the opener)
  07:42   In which Tyvis hates on Nebraska
  10:47   Two health experts hold a debate
  12:00   Tyvis takes us inside a typical Buckeye game day routine
  17:45   “That first time out the tunnel…”
  21:02   Do teams have a hidden home-field advantage?
  24:20   Good Guy Scott Frost
  27:37   What we want to see in the opener
  30:00   Arguing about receivers
  32:39   1, 2, and 23
  36:57   Shaun Wade's victory lap
  39:42   “If you think me and Coach Ash clashed…”
  43:24   An important test
  49:50   Nobody invited us to the “Buckeye Bash”
  52:26   Football every day for a month
  55:22   Bad predictions
  58:26   “I hope Michigan State loses every game they ever play. In every sport.”
  59:19   WHAC Stories: “I've been watching the Food channel”
103:25   Congratulations are in order
104:13   Going for Three: 1–20 on the road against ranked teams

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We'll be recording at Buffalo Wild Wings on Lane and High next Friday, October 30 at 7 p.m. Catch our complete tour schedule and stop out to say hello.

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