No Cap Pod: Making the Scoreboard Rain, Pennywise the Nebraska Fan, and Hard Time on Dawn Patrol

By No Cap on October 17, 2020 at 8:20 am
Mickey Marotti, Dawn Patrol Warden

No Cap featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas is back with another live Friday night recording from Buffalo Wild Wings, the official sports bar of Eleven Warriors.

This week, we're buckling up for an Ohio State offense that's going to make it rain on the scoreboard, sizing up other bold predictions, and advising everyone to do whatever they have to when it comes to avoiding Dawn Patrol.

01:25   Coming around on boneless wings
03:40   Do we like Ohio State by three touchdowns over Nebraska?
05:40   Every time Tyvis finds the photo of his glove, an angel gets its wings
07:26   Why is Scott Frost worried about piped-in crowd noise?
09:10   Pete Carroll, you're nasty
10:14   Pennywise, Nebraska Cornhusker fan
12:20   Sizing up the new “Block O” jersey
17:36   “I'm going for 300 yards today on y'all”
18:25   Making the scoreboard rain
21:18   “Don't put that stink on us”
25:15   Please call No Cap for all of your turf management needs
29:14   Going first in the volleyball draft
30:40   A good time to have that kind of problem
33:30   Bold predictions for the 2020 season
38:12   “They were mad about Virginia Tech for the first two months of the season”
39:40   The Weird Season™
41:44   Deep in the Heart of Rutgers!
44:25   Joe Burrow got a lot of dudes paid
49:16   WHAC Stories: Dawn Patrol
59:04   Going for Three: Building a Team with Chowder

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We'll be recording at the Pickerington Buffalo Wild Wings next Friday, October 23 at 7 p.m. Catch our complete tour schedule and stop out to say hello.