Michigan Man™ Wins on Jeopardy, Is Reminded by Alex Trebek the Wolverines Got Smoked by Bama and Once Lost at Home to Appalachian State

By 11W Staff on February 29, 2020 at 6:30 am
"Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek (left) poses with Aaron Goetsch (right) of Macomb, MI. Goetsch appeared as a contestant on the show on Thursday, Feb. 27. 2020. (Photo courtesy of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.)
Photo courtesy of Jeopardy! Productions

If you read the Michigan media reports, one of their own represented the state well on national television:

(Aaron) Goetsch, a law student from Macomb, Michigan played extremely well during his appearance, but found himself trailing heading into Final Jeopardy. Goetsch entered the round with $12,400 and an outside chance to win the game. Jones entered the round with $11,400 while the third player, Allison Cuyjet had a commanding lead, entering with $21,000.


Jones wagered enough to overtake Cuyjet by $1. Goetsch answered next and was also correct, however he wagered his entire total, giving him $24,800 and the lead.

*cue The Victors* How exciting!

Awesome!  Goetsch bested his opponents. HOWEVER:

Oh no. It couldn't have been that bad, could it?

TREBEK: Aaron Goetsch is our champion, a law student and a loyal fan of University of Michigan athletics who got smoked in college football this year by...Tide, Alabama.

Oof. Hopefully for Aaron it got better. Aaron?

GOETSCH: It's been a rough decade. The very first Michigan sporting event I saw was the historic loss to Appalachian State, so it can only go up from there.

Few clarifications for the reigning Jeopardy champion:

  1. The Appalachian State loss was in 2007. Michigan's coach was Lloyd Carr. It can only go up from there suggests that things have gotten better since Lloyd retired.
  2. This decade just two months ago. Michigan did not win a B1G title in football during the decade just closed.

Congratulations to Aaron, who will take Wishful Thinking for $200, Alex.

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