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Let's get meta.

Happy 14th, 11W

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August 20, 2020 at 2:02pm

Enough going on out there, but knew this date was somebody's special day.

I know this fall won't be anything what we're used to, but still appreciate what we still have here.

In the immortal words of the Spackler...

About a decade ago, when reading news online became a consistent part of the daily routine, and when things in Buckeyeland were in flux (I'll spare the details) I quickly turned to Ohio reads to keep up on the boys in scarlet and gray. Floundered around Buckeyextra for a spell, for free, then they wanted subscription money and f that.
Found Eleven Warriors, liked what I saw, and lurked for a year or so (2011 was a wash football-wise, and I had a newborn son that was keeping me plenty busy). Got on board with an active account late in Urban's first season, and the rest is history. Been through plenty in that time, ups and downs. The Buckeyes always fight on, and that isn't going to change - no matter what. I'll be right here at 11W when our dudes re-take the field.
Happy birthday, 11W - Continued kudos to Jason and company for keeping us connected all these years, and to many more.

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