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Forum Style, a Friendly Reminder

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July 13, 2015 at 3:00pm

Hi all, 

Just a friendly reminder to please keep a couple of things in mind when creating forum topics...

For starters, please make sure you have searched/checked the forums so you don't create a duplicate topic. Some dupes will inevitably happen, especially for breaking news, but if you create a dupe three hours after a similar thread has 75 comments, that's not a great look.

Also, please be mindful of your forum thread titles. One of my pet peeves is a) vague or b) misleading forum topics. On the vague side, topics like "Just Saw This" or "Check This Out" or the like are boring, help lead to dupes and quite frankly, are a bit on the lazy side. On the misleading or trolly front, just don't, please.

Use your browser spell-checker, particularly in thread titles. We're representatives of the greatest public institution in this country (can't hear you, US News and World Report) and some misspellings are absolutely cringeworthy.

Finally, be kind to each other and go out of your way to avoid being a jerk. We have quite a few new members and it takes a little bit of effort from all of us to keep this place great. Which it is. So go ahead and congratulate yourself for a minute.

Thanks for hearing me out!

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