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This is new Coke all over again

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February 14, 2014 at 1:04pm

Hey 11W, I have to post this outside of the other ones, Here's a few issues I have and maybe they can get it fixed.  I want all new articles to come up as their loaded..None of this oh click the top highlighted ones..or you have to click football or recruiting, with the existing layout I find myself going into the same articles all the time!

The Forum is a complete mess, I can't look up by when a forum article was published! Has anyone commented on Gibson favoring Auburn this past week? while I have to scroll through pages just to find Gene's quick bites.

I hate being that guy but the simplicity of the old site was so easy to navigate for everything from newest topics to newest published articles (which are still great by the way) that I see the new way of navigation negatively effecting a strong portion of the visitors to this site.

It may not be noticeable now in the off-season but if these issues persist I can see this new updated site slowing/stopping any momentum you had gained over the past few years!

Like I mentioned before the work you do is still unbelievable it's the layout and functionality that are frustrating the hell out of me!

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