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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU beating the Miami Hurricanes for the 03 National title and also Boise State's last 1:00 and OT of the 07 Fiesta Bowl!
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Comment 3 hours ago

This should've been what happened 50+ years ago, the whole amateurism of college athletics is a flawed system 

Comment 5 hours ago

Tressel's had the worst coaching tree (omitting GA'S) out of any National championship winning coach in recent memory.

Comment 5 hours ago
  • Tressel was on a steep decline that was hidden by TP and saved him by being run out.  
  • Urban lags at making adjustments mid-season (Defense 2013 Offense 2016) 
  • We're recruiting at a level we may never see again and people don't see how good we have it right now
  • We're ignoring who the best receivers are and are giving credence that Mclaurin and Campbell are actually startable receivers.
Comment 21 hours ago

Did go to the UM game in 2014, I can't do noon kickoffs lol, The way it is I just try to stream when I can but now going into my first CFB season with a gf and her little ones I'll only have time for OSU games and i'm sure the other dads here would know the same.  Paw Patrol>Any none OSU football game.

Comment 21 hours ago

Oh yea, We have no watchespn, our netflix isn't as good as multiple cable/satelitte companies own rights and it's just a mess, We get your standard ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX and fortunately once CFL ends suddenly our ESPN brother TSN finally realizes it should use it's 5 channels for CFB.  It's really just annoying all around and apparently the NFL just sold our sunday ticket rights to a company that hasn't even been approved yet in Canada for a 5 year contract so ontop of everything else could be missing redzone this year.  

Comment 23 hours ago

I find lulz in seasons, Like i'll watch 4-5 then 1-2 then wait a week or two to watch the rest as it's dark and can be a bit much.

Comment 25 Jul 2017

As a football player he deserved what he got, If you want to go chasing players with a DL# and lay ppl out expect to get blocked and for the other team to account for you.  Was a BS penalty, If Maryland player was doing that to a Gramatica sure because he's not out looking to clobber returners.

Comment 24 Jul 2017

80's and I like this Allison Brie more than the Community/Mad Men one, she's actually able to act in these whereas before she was severely limited in her past roles.

Comment 22 Jul 2017

I'm just waiting for Gibbons to get fired, hes not one of the top 15-20 managers out there but was given they keys 3 years ago to a top 5 team...

With how competitive the east is i won't pay attention till they're over .500

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Mcsoley or whatever his name is was like 8-23 vs us and hit like 90% of 50-50 passes, He will be nowhere near that this year, magic is gone.

Comment 20 Jul 2017

Always go speed, but 4 verticals is practically unstoppable, just pretend like you're a real QB, read the safeties and coverage, Man coverage it goes TE or slot if the nickle DB whiffs on a jam

Comment 20 Jul 2017

"The pass defense system for the AI needs tweaking. Way too easy to throw picks on the default setting

You mean like how the safety would cover 2 receivers at the sametime and would jump routes once the ball was out of the QB's hand behind his back?