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We're About to See the Playbook for Dealing with COVID-19 when It Really Matters in Sports (World Series Story).

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October 27, 2020 at 11:59pm

If anyone was watching the World Series you'd notice that Justin Turner (great hitter all series) disappeared in the middle of Game 6.  Was he hurt?  Did something happen?

Post game on Fox:

I'm assuming he didn't get a rapid test during the game and that he was therefore playing all game (and maybe prior games?) with the virus after being tested. Perhaps the results weren't back?  ... but they came back late evening during the game?  *eye roll here

I'm also assuming the Dodgers won't be giving their World Series trophy back.

So - if I'm right and it plays out that way - the playbook is about to be written on what to do with star players who might have Covid when you need them to win playoff games, i.e., go ahead and win and apologize later.

EDIT/Update:  (Turner left the game in the 8th I believe)

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