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An Interesting Conundrum- NHL & NBA Seasons

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September 20, 2020 at 12:19pm

So with the NBA and NHL normally ending their seasons in June. They are just now getting to the finals in hockey and in basketball they have just reached the conference finals. Normally their seasons would start at the end of october beginning in November. How are they going to play a full season next year? In the NHL there is no way they could start in 2onths after just finishing a season, and everybody knows the whiny crybabies in the NBA aren't going to even think about playing until at least February. So how are they going to complete a full season, my thought is they won't be able to. NBA and NHL seasons are going to be reduced to maybe 50 games that won't start until January. I know most people don't give a crap about the nba but do care about the NHL. How do you guys think they manage to pull it off?

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