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This Week's Question: What is Your Biggest Personal Athletic Achievement?

Kevin Harrish's picture
July 13, 2020 at 8:00am

We talk about other folks playing sports all the time on this website, so let's hear you talk about yourself doing sports.

What's your biggest personal athletic achievement, whether it's a state title, a big win, or even just one play.

Mine would probably be a time in a middle school football scrimmage when I absolutely leveled future top-100 prospect Tray Matthews.

It was my first and only year ever playing football. I was by no means good at the sport, but on one play I was playing corner and Tray – who was by far the biggest, best and fastest player on the field –  happened to take a pitch to my side when I was crashing down. He turned upfield and I put my shoulder into his chest and the ball (and he) went flying.

Our athletic careers diverged quite a bit from that point, but for a brief moment, I got the better of him.

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