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PSA Regarding COVID Discussions

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July 10, 2020 at 3:28pm

Hello fine people of 11W:

Just a quick note about some of the COVID discussions we've had in the comments of some of the threads and articles around here. 

This pandemic is a huge disruption to our day to day lives and the effect it is having on commerce, sport, our social lives, our families, our mental health.....cannot be understated. We cannot avoid discussion of this on a sports blog (since it's basically ground most sports to a halt), but we can ask that the discussion of such things remain civil and in line with the commenting policy.

The long, drawn out bickering over covid, the espousing of wild conspiracy theories, and the general jerkishness that seems to pop up in these arguments are going to start being dealt with a little more aggressively by the mods. Furthermore, introducing politics into such a discussion will get you a MINIMUM 30 day stint in 11W jail, or an outright ban depending on the severity of the infraction. Think before you hit save. If you think you're approaching the line, maybe just delete the warm take you had ready to drop.

That's all. Carry on and be cool to each other.



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