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The NFL is a Total Joke, and Tonight Proved It.

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January 21, 2019 at 3:12am

After the Saints got hosed on one of the worst no calls I've ever seen in ANY game (let alone a game that determines a super bowl team) and then the NFL's completely ridiculous overtime rules reared their ugly head in Kansas City, I am glad I have spent less and less time invested in watching that league.

I will stop just short of saying it's completely rigged, but just barely. If there is a way an officiating crew can do the bidding of their superior's wishes, they will, I am certain of it. Sometimes that's just not possible because it would be too obvious, which makes the no call in the saints game even more shocking.

And half of me wouldn't be shocked if I go rewatch the OT coin flip in the Chiefs Pats game and the ref turns to the chiefs captains and says "Heads they win, Tails you lose".

That league has got some serious issues going on. Thank God for college football. It has it's own issues too but at least the storylines are better, the games are more interesting, and those players leave it all on the field.

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