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Comment 27 Nov 2019
"Their best weapon is a great wide receiver who's best asset requires he get downfield deep which takes time they won't have." This, . *ichigan's recent success has relied on their big WRs getting deep and going up and getting the ball. Hard to connect on a deep ball when you have no more than 2.5 seconds to get rid of it. That's in addition to us having a far superior secondary to any that *ichigan has faced. Then if you add in poor weather, the O line and D line advantages become even more important, and probably push the needle even further in Ohio State's direction. Barring a negative turnover ratio, I simply would be shocked if the good guys dropped this game. The one wild card in this equation is that this is *ichigan's super bowl and they will take risks all game long. 4th down, fake punts, trick plays. Our guys need to be ready for shenanigans. With an even turnover margin, we win by 17+. Let's make sure that we take care of the ball and go into Indy the #1 seed!
Comment 27 Nov 2019
Put the corners on islands, crowd the middle of the field, and watch out for draws and screens. Patterson will have to get rid of the ball very quickly all game long. I don't see their line being able to hold up long enough to push the ball down the field, which has been their go to play over their little 3 game stretch. I think it's gonna be a loooong day for Shea'vior and company.
Comment 08 Nov 2019
If the rumors are true and it was a spurned Maryland player or parent who snitched about this chase young "loan" issue, and the team knows it... 84-0 If not, 63-0
Comment 07 Nov 2019
I don't say this in any way combatively. I agree with everything you said except for one part. He isn't "growing" into his position. He has just finally assumed the position he was BORN to have. Day is as natural a leader at there is in the country. And to think next to none of us knew who he was or what his impact on this program would be before August of 2018.... Sure am glad we scooped him up when we did. Could be Urban Meyer's greatest gift to this program, and that is saying a lot.
Comment 06 Nov 2019
I just want to play bama and Clemson back to back and whoop them both. If Georgia somehow got in over bama that's fine too. Just give me Clemson. Their bandwagon fans have been insufferable after 4 years of relevancy and I would LOVE to take them down a notch. Gah, I am still mad at Urban Meyer for that god-awful loss to those dopes.
Comment 30 Oct 2019
Garrett Wilson gets upfield so quickly returning punts. If he doesn't fair catch it, it's almost a guarantee he's going to get you 10+ yards. Way too many returners run sideways or even backwards the moment they catch the ball and they take away the advantage of the returner and increase the odds of a block in the back. It's just a matter of time before Wilson takes one to the house. He's just that good with the ball.
Comment 25 Oct 2019
He chose a school that is as superficial and arrogant as he is. All flash. Nothing to back it up. That culture down there is toxic, but fits his attitude to a "T". It's not surprising he chose to go there, and it's not surprising that it appears he's on the way out the door again after not being given a starting role, or even a backup role as QB. I wonder if he sees all the playing time chugunov has had this year and maybe wishes he hadn't quit so quickly. I hope he figures life out for his own sake. We were all young and dumb at one point. Some of us for a longer time than others. However I am pretty certain any chance at a role as a featured QB for any large program is long gone. Had he allowed himself to be coached and groomed here at Ohio State by the best he may have actually had his shot on the big stage like mommy and daddy wanted so badly. But when you fold like a house of cards anytime life gets hard, you're gonna crash and burn every single time.
Comment 08 Oct 2019
Malik Harrison: 55 Pete Werner: 50 Baron Browning: 41 Tuf Borland: 40 No question that this coaching staff recognizes that you simply can't keep Harrison and Browning off the field. I think Browning continues seeing even more time. Werner has been simply outstanding now that he has been allowed to play fast. Borland... Well, he's a good leader, but he's still gotta come out when we need a LB in pass coverage. Damn Ryan Day knocked these coaching hires out of the park...
Comment 01 Oct 2019
Things just feel.... Different with Ryan Day and company so far. There's a cut throat attitude that quite frankly I feel was lacking down the stretch in some of the games Urban coached. I have never been so impressed with a head coach and his tangible and intangible effects on a football team than I am with Day. Dude is gonna go down as one of the greats. I don't think he will let this team get away with becoming complacent. So with that being said. I think we get the job done and win 37-10. And I'm really not sure they even get to 10.
Comment 29 Sep 2019
Wilson's was more impressive to me. Full out speed, tough catch angle, defender in his face, and dude got THREE feet down in bounds with possession. Absolutely bonkers body control and field awareness.
Comment 16 Sep 2019
Great to see some of these plays with more context than "did it work?? This shows me just how much we controlled that game against Indiana Saturday. Yes we have the massive talent edge up front, and yes we have the skill players to pull off some great plays. But to me, it's the coaching and play calling that is going to catapult us back into the playoffs this year. Ryan Day is absolutely phenomenal, and I feel like his playbook for each game will be spot on, and if the other team happens to be ready for it or adjusts, Ryan Day will have the right answer to respond to it ready to go.
Comment 16 Sep 2019
The signs are there that this certainly may be a special season. But let's wait at least until we've gone on the road to Nebraska, on the road to NW, and played Penn State and MSU. We are an injury away at QB from being a completely different team, and I still would like to see how we do against a team that is committed to airing it out and trying to attack this new zone defense, and actually has the receivers to do it. Indiana threw the ball close to 35 times but I just feel they won't be the biggest challenge our secondary will see. I'm definitely optimistic. Certainly feel better than I did after 3 games last season about this defense. And I honestly believe Ryan Day is an elite head coach. Just need to try and do what I hope the team is doing, and not becoming complacent and just expecting to win based on the first 3 games.
Comment 11 Sep 2019
Indiana loves to throw the ball all over the field. Will be a good test for the buckeyes D. I feel like neither FAU or Cincinnati really tested us deep very often. Now whether that was by design or if they simply couldn't protect the QB long enough for those types of plays to be feasible remains to be seen. Indiana will almost certainly try to throw more than our first two opponents until Penix starts getting pounded by our D line.