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Comment 16 Sep 2019
Great to see some of these plays with more context than "did it work?? This shows me just how much we controlled that game against Indiana Saturday. Yes we have the massive talent edge up front, and yes we have the skill players to pull off some great plays. But to me, it's the coaching and play calling that is going to catapult us back into the playoffs this year. Ryan Day is absolutely phenomenal, and I feel like his playbook for each game will be spot on, and if the other team happens to be ready for it or adjusts, Ryan Day will have the right answer to respond to it ready to go.
Comment 16 Sep 2019
The signs are there that this certainly may be a special season. But let's wait at least until we've gone on the road to Nebraska, on the road to NW, and played Penn State and MSU. We are an injury away at QB from being a completely different team, and I still would like to see how we do against a team that is committed to airing it out and trying to attack this new zone defense, and actually has the receivers to do it. Indiana threw the ball close to 35 times but I just feel they won't be the biggest challenge our secondary will see. I'm definitely optimistic. Certainly feel better than I did after 3 games last season about this defense. And I honestly believe Ryan Day is an elite head coach. Just need to try and do what I hope the team is doing, and not becoming complacent and just expecting to win based on the first 3 games.
Comment 11 Sep 2019
Indiana loves to throw the ball all over the field. Will be a good test for the buckeyes D. I feel like neither FAU or Cincinnati really tested us deep very often. Now whether that was by design or if they simply couldn't protect the QB long enough for those types of plays to be feasible remains to be seen. Indiana will almost certainly try to throw more than our first two opponents until Penix starts getting pounded by our D line.
Comment 06 Sep 2019
STOP telling me to root for *ichigan. Seriously. They were playoff contenders until we beat the snot out of them and what good did that do us? Hell they even put Georgia ahead of us at #5 just for added proof that it doesn't matter if TTUN is 10-1 or 0-11. So.... If it makes no difference, I'll keep rooting for the skunkweasels to lose every damn game they ever play for as long as that sorry-ass program exists. I'm getting really tired of the "we want them to be as good as possible" nonsense, because it makes no difference. That, and I want every single fan of that team to question why they even exist.
Comment 03 Sep 2019
"All four of his touchdown passes went to wide-open receivers." I mean we definitely want as many wide open receivers as possible. However, against better opponents, those windows will be smaller and fewer in between. Let's hope Fields doesn't develope JT-Barrettitis and only throws to guys if there is no one within 10 feet. We all saw what our WRs could do when Cardale and Haskins let them make plays.
Comment 02 Sep 2019
13-10 would mean we scored less than UCLA. For perspective, UCLA's QB went 8/26 (30%) for 150 yards (75 on one play), 2 TDs, 2 INT's, 2 fumbles literally without being touched, and a QB rating of 5.9. Yes. Five POINT nine. I just don't buy that we will do worse than that AT HOME with our offense. That being said, I think Cincy gets to 17 on us, but we end up around 31. And we should all be ecstatic if that is the outcome. I do think it's possible we come out on fire and win bigger than that but I think it's more likely we win by 14 or less. It's also possible we go out and lay an egg and lose but I am hoping losing to severely less talented unranked teams is a thing of the past. Am excited to see how we play against a better opponent though. Then it's the opening of B1G season and a breather before @ Nebraska. September is gonna be fun to watch.
Comment 31 Aug 2019
Think Day is closing up the ole' score at will playbook. That's all well and good but we can't turn the ball over if we are shutting it down already. And the O line seemed to just disappear after a monster first 4 possessions. Not sure what that's all about. Let's see how Day coaches them up during half time.
Comment 30 Aug 2019
Just put a bet on Ohio State on the over 10 wins. To lose that bet, you're telling me Ohio State will lose 25% of their games in the regular season.... Dear god help us if that's the case. I think they'll go 11-1. But if they go 10-2 I'll get 95% of my bet back in a push.
Comment 29 Aug 2019
Oregon is going to win that game by a TD at least. They have a young energetic coaching staff and a great strength and conditioning coach and one of the best pure pocket passers in the game not named Trevor in addition to loads of young talent no one has heard of yet. You heard it here first. I picked Georgia tech to cover against Clemson. 36 points is just too much for week one against an in conference power 5 opponent, even if your QB is Trevor Lawrence and it is Georgia tech. If Utah is as good as they're supposed to be, they better beat BYU by more than 4.5 pts. UCLA was just TERRIBLE last year. And if last year's fighting Luke Fickells weren't just a fluke, I expect them to win handily against UCLA at home. 27 against FAU should be a forgone conclusion assuming the defense is even half as good as the talent on that side of the ball would indicate on paper. Our defense no doubt cost a lot of bettors a lot of money last year ATS. I hope we come out swinging and keep our foot on the gas from minute 1 of game 1 and never look back. An OT win against Maryland doesn't help our chances if it comes down to "tiebreakers" in the minds of the committee. Bonus prediction for week 2. Not only does army cover the spread, they win outright as *ichigan struggles to implement a new offense and Army has the ball for 40+ minutes.
Comment 28 Aug 2019
Considering the fact that the only reason we're #7 is because of lack of experience at QB, I'd say we're poised to make a return to the CFP because I think Fields is gonna easily be a top 5 QB even in his first year.
Comment 28 Aug 2019
Realistically I think they could drop the early game to Army. Army will probably have possession for 40 minutes in that game with their style of offense. I think it makes ole hairball more nervous than a chick-fil-a spicy sandwich (or Popeyes if you prefer) going into the 4th quarter up 13-10 and a gassed defense gives up a 7 minute, 24 play TD drive to army and the golden knights hang on to win 17-16. Then the skunkweasels do what they do best and shit on the little guys on their schedule before a loss to ND. Then they eek out a win against Penn State and MSU and go into The Game with 2 losses, a spent defense, banged up QB(s), but with a chance to go to Indianapolis with a win over the good guys. Undoubtedly someone will guarantee a win, families of players will buy hotel rooms and tickets to indy, and the revenge tour 2.0 shirts will sell out quickly during game week. Then on a crisp November Saturday afternoon in the quietest 100,000+ capacity stadium in existence, the good guys hang 45 on the idiots up north while chants of "O-H" "I-O" reverberate throughout the venue, only dampened by the salty tears of a fanbase that can't figure out how this happened again when they had done so well in the preseason. *ichigan men everywhere will defiantly spout the "well at least we do it the right way" BS that will carry them through to the next preseason. Somewhere Jim Harbaugh's wife will slide down a pillar and check her Ashley Madison account before an unidentified OSU assistant coach sees her and taunts her so bad that it ends up in John Bacon's next book about the mediocrity of the team that plays in that whore Ann Arbor. Late December will come and 61 Wolverines will elect to sit out their bowl game against Auburn and we'll hear again how unimportant bowl games are when they lose by 20 points while the rest of the B1G represents the conference well. In the off-season Jim Harbaugh picks himself up off the floor, checks his calendar to see when his next sleepover with a 16 year old is, and tries to figure out if there's enough time to fit in a team trip to Uruguay. Not once does he consider going back to the NFL. No sir. He collects his $145,000 a week paycheck. Not because he's a great coach. Not because he has a new plan to modernize their offense. No he cashes those cheeks because he's a *ichigan man, and *ichigan men don't know what the word quit means.
Comment 28 Aug 2019
It's absolutely huge that Bowen is back to being healthy. This O line HAS to be a sleeper for best overall O-line unit in the country, even with the lack of game experience. Having Jonah Jackson and Bowen both in the group is really going to give the young guys great examples to learn from as they develop. Damn I'm excited for this season. I really tried to suppress my expectations for this year, but I legitimately think we are the overwhelming favorite in the B1G and think we have the potential to do some special things in the CFP if we are close to reaching the ceiling this team has and stay reasonably healthy.
Comment 27 Aug 2019
If the linthicum exclusion doesn't indicate an issue with studrawa, I don't know what does. To not even be included in a top 4-5 after being considered at least one of a couple front runners before is embarrassing, especially when one of those teams is *ichigan, and the other is Virginia tech. I believe stud was retained to make sure Paris Johnson didn't go elsewhere. But I think he should be considered on the hot seat here soon if he doesn't pick up his recruiting efforts.
Comment 24 Aug 2019
Meh. The more we learn about both his ability and his attitude, the less and less I am upset he's gone. Besides that, manzel could throw the ball more than 35 yards. Tate has to get a running start to throw the ball that far.
Comment 22 Aug 2019
Losing on both knighton and Robinson after both seemed to be in the bag was a huge loss no matter how you slice it. Not having a good backup plan on top of that and it hurts even more. And here we are now in a position to potentially have to go WAAAAAY down in quality just to get SOMEONE at the position. I think Alford deserves a bit of a long leash because he's developed kids well at RB, but imagine what he could do if he started out with a kid with Robinson's skills and then developed him on top of that. You are putting a lot of pressure on other guys if you don't have a stud at that position that you can rely on.