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Comment 19 Jun 2019
Oh man. I can't help but chuckle that one of the driving factors in his flip, contrary to what you hear from the idiot Penn State fans, was ACADEMICS! How many times have we heard from other fan bases *cough PSU* *cough *ichigan* salty about losing a prospect to us bitch and moan about how their schools are so superior academically. Damn it's good to be a Buckeye fan.
Comment 09 Jun 2019
The Penn St fans went through all kinds of mental gymnastics to shrug off the Julian Fleming commitment as either no big deal, and in some laughable cases, actually as a good thing. I have to think a literal steal of a highly touted and already committed O-lineman with a high ceiling will be a bit more difficult to make excuses for, especially coming so quickly after Fleming's decision to forsake the "home" team. Just gotta hold onto Paris now and this O-line is gonna be a strength for years to come.
Comment 20 May 2019
So what they're saying is that once again, Alabama or Georgia will get in without winning their conference...AGAIN. And again the PAC 12 will be left wondering why they are even in div 1 football. Meanwhile, the list of people who are willing to give *ichigan the benefit of the doubt (and there is a LOT of doubt) continues to grow. How in the hell do the skunkweasels end up rated so highly every preseason? I forget. Are they actually in the SEC until late August and they get the preseason SEC slobberfest treatment that teams like Tennessee, A&M, Miss St, Ole Miss, and Florida get every year?
Comment 19 May 2019
So I'm trying to piece together a scenario in which Paris doesn't decommit and end up at Georgia or LSU. Because he's either absolutely planning on decommiting or he is pulling off a massive troll job on those two teams. With his visits, his social media following, and his seeming lack of chatter about Ohio State essentially ever since Urban retired, it just doesn't seem like he's gonna end up here. And what would make that even worse, of course, is that he's got two incredible high school teammates that all seem to want to play together in college. I hope I'm wrong but at this point I'm just bracing myself for some bad news on this crazy talented kid.
Comment 06 May 2019
You're kidding with pretty much the entire Alabama section right? Please tell me you don't actually believe that Nick Saban and the Alabama football program wants ANYTHING to do with a difficult out of conference schedule. That includes traveling north, agreeing to home and home series, or simply playing a traditionally decent team while they're ACTUALLY DECENT. And honestly, outside of comparing manpart sizes, why would they? They get to play far and away the fluffiest of all fluffy cupcake OOC schedules and STILL get EVERY benefit of the doubt when it comes time for playoff selection. Oh and wouldn't you know it. Their schedule is abhorrent again this season. They get bye weeks AND an FCS team in the MIDDLE THEIR FRIGGIN CONFERENCE SCHEDULE, conveniently placed between the only conference games that even pose a threat to them. Come on.
Comment 18 Jan 2019
First thing Al Washington could do is try to retain Keandre Jones and keep him from leaving. Who knows how good this guy really is after the last defensive regime seemed unable or unwilling to identify/play the best defensive players.
Comment 16 Jan 2019
We may never know, but I honestly think we dodged a bullet here. The writing was on the wall that at minimum there would have been lots of friction had fields and Tate (and Baldwin) had to square off in spring and fall camp. But with Tate's recent antics I think we could have had the potential of another "August surprise" if things hadn't gone his way and he decided to go all scorched earth just weeks before the season started. I think he would have gone full blown toxic (and public) with the mud slinging and the temper tantrum and it would be yet another "black eye" for the program for the media to spin. I'm not sure I can take another preseason soap opera like last year, and I wouldn't be surprised if "Drama" is Tathan's middle name. Guess what I am really saying is... Tate and the "U" deserve each other, good riddance, and go Bucks!
Comment 15 Jan 2019
"This has become a much much bigger and shit flinging story than it ever needed to be..." Me thinks maybe you are unaware of who flung poo to begin with. I can PROMISE you none of this would be such a big deal had Tate not run his mouth. The "he's a kid" argument is BS. Words matter. Dude thinks he's a man, talked like one, then pissed himself while he ran away and burnt his bridges along the way. He's out there calling OSU liars. His mommy is out there calling OSU liars. His daddy is out there telling coaches how to treat/play/sit/start/call plays for his son. And inexplicably people in our own fan base won't even acknowledge the difference in how he has handled himself vs his predecessors, i.e. Joe Burrow. Tate pretended to be all Buckeye, and it turned out to be a *ichigan level mirage. His trashing of the program the INSTANT he didn't get what he wanted proves that. He's only interested in himself. Until he grows up, that won't change. Good luck to the next team he goes to that even tries to recruit a new QB. He better be a 2 star nobody because if they try and bring in a stud, I predict that recruit might "tragically 'fall' from a 6th story dorm room while on an official visit." Tate has SERIOUS arrogance issues while oddly having major insecurity issues. And that's a BAAAAD combo for a locker room. I suspect we will hear more about his attitude somewhere down the line and look back on this past month and not be a darn bit surprised.
Comment 15 Jan 2019
Not sure what Ryan Day should or shouldn't do. Gotta be careful when you know the media is just circling, waiting to pounce on the first thing they can spin negatively in regards to OSU. Part of me just says let Martell bury his own grave. Other part of me says cut him loose and throw him overboard without the metaphorical life-jacket of being able to come back to the program last minute if he can't find a better option. One thing that still eludes me in all this... Isn't Martell going to have a hard time getting immediate eligibility? He's not a grad transfer, and what's he gonna write in the "hardship" section on the form? "Was not handed the starting QB job without having to earn it"?? Maybe I'm wrong but I think Martell wasn't thinking too far ahead with this entire sideshow. Time will tell I suppose.
Comment 15 Jan 2019
I expect high passing stats, maybe a struggle with the running game early on as an almost entirely new O-line finds their rhythm. Defense should be better overall at least in the big chunk plays. I think 2019 we have a great shot at the playoffs. We have a very easy non conference schedule. We do play TTUN on the road, but that hasn't stopped us from winning in a long time. I have a beat buddy who's a monster Oregon Ducks fan. He and I are going to both the away game and home game in that series in 2020 and 2021, and even though no one pays attention to the PAC 12 or Oregon football I am predicting that those two games will have major playoff implications. Oregon has had some really good recruiting classes (recently just signed the #1 overall recruit for 2019), and Cristobal has them playing physical, tough football. And if they do that with the incoming talent they, they're gonna be slicing through the PAC-12 like it was an Alabama non conference schedule. Bottom line. Ohio State makes the playoffs at least once in the next two years with a high likelihood of making it twice. BOOK IT!
Comment 13 Jan 2019
I have a few takeaways from these stats. 1. The defense can almost assuredly only go up from here (dear God I hope I'm not wrong) considering the level of talent. 2. The O line was pretty good at pass protection but was pretty mediocre at run blocking. Hoping that gets fixed this upcoming off-season. 3. While there were definitely too many penalties (particularly false starts), I have to say after watching every single game this year it felt like we had more phantom calls go against us than I've ever seen before. Thankfully it never cost us a game, but in the *ichigan game for example, without some INCREDIBLY suspect PI calls against us, we win that game by 40+. It just felt like the refs we're out there trying to "level the playing field" so to speak. Maybe it's just me being a homer? *Shrug. 4. Damn I'm glad I'm a Buckeye and not a filthy skunkweasel. Imagine what a similar article on their forums would be like?
Comment 13 Jan 2019
1. He spent two weeks talking about how he's 100% Buckeye and would NEVER transfer. 2. He ACTIVELY tried to intimidate Justin Fields into not transferring so that he might think twice and not come here and present a hurdle for him becoming the starter. 3. He said he was the best QB for Ohio State and was going to win the starting job 4. He broke up with Ohio State like a middle schooler by changing his status on Twitter to "single" without so much as a goodbye kiss (or at least a "Thanks Ohio State for the opportunity, but I will be finishing my career elsewhere). I don't hate him. That would be silly. But if you think not being impressed with his temper tantrum (which he lacked the balls to back up), and not wanting him being a toxic presence in the QB room is hate, then YOU'RE the one being silly, not me.
Comment 11 Jan 2019
Tate breaking up with Ohio State middle School style when the social media profile info change. Seems fitting I suppose. He certainly showed the maturity of a grade schooler the last two weeks. I wouldn't have been mad at him one bit if he decided to transfer had he not thrown that little Twitter tantrum before fields was officially a buckeye. All that talk about how he's not scared of anyone else and he's the best QB and he's gonna win the starting spot and no way he transfers... Talk is cheap Tathan. And your talk is even cheaper than most. *Shrug*. I guess Tater's really gonna Tate.
Comment 10 Jan 2019
It's the fact that he was basically threatening Fields before it was even known he was coming here. The. He explicitly stated he's not afraid of the competition and that he wouldn't transfer no matter what happened and that he was so confident in his skills that he would win the starting job no matter what. Meanwhile go read what Baldwin said. He welcomes the competition, and recognizes that even if he doesn't win the job right away that the competition makes everyone better. The difference is night and day. Martell was all talk, and it turns out he's just an insecure kid that was sabre-rattling in hopes to scare off Fields, giving him a much easier time to the starting job. Buckeye fans would not be giving him such a hard time if he had handled this maturely.
Comment 10 Jan 2019
Matthew Baldwin is a complete stud. He would be the easy starting QB choice for over 100 teams next year. I'm perfectly fine with him as the backup. Besides, if Martell does transfer, we will assuredly pickup a walk on or grad transfer somewhere just to fill the depth chart.