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Most Monumental Sports Moments You've Witnessed

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June 8, 2018 at 10:56am

This doesn't mean you had to be there. Watching on TV or listening on the radio counts just the same. Just wanted to hear what the most monumental sports moments have been in your lifetime. They can be well-known events, or lesser known events that you may consider monumental for personal reasons. My Grandpa, who hates Hockey, still talks about the Miracle on Ice. I'll give some of what I consider the most monumental sports moments, that I know I'll be telling my grand kids about one day. 

5. 2008 US Open - Tiger Woods winning with a torn ACL and fractured Tibia. This was the first time I saw down and watched a whole golf tournament, and it did not disappoint. My dad bought me clubs a week later and I have not stopped golfing since. 

4. LeBron going to Miami - Not that I liked it, but I would definitely consider the whole thing monumental. Changed how Free Agency is viewed in the NBA, and was the real start of this superteam crap. 

3. Jimmie Johnson winning his 7th Championship - I know I am definitely in the minority when it comes to being a Nascar fan. My grandpa was a huge nascar fan, although his passion has died off in recent years. But it got me hooked.

2. 2014 OSU season - I mean the whole damn season. Every year that passes, I look back and think "How in the hell did the Buckeyes win that thing". Absolutely insane. Being the first ever CFP adds icing to the cake. 

1. 2003 National Championship game - Yes it was the biggest upset in Title game history. Yes the Buckeyes won it. All reasons to be #1. But I have it #1 because this is the first game that I can actually remember watching, and it turned me into the diehard fan that I am now. I'll always pass down the story of my dad lifting my 6 year old self in the air (Just like the Lion King), and shaking me out of excitement after Miami got called for PI. When talking about this being the most monumental, my dad went even more in-depth. He believes the most monumental moment of his entire life was when Clarett stripped Sean Taylor. Knowing how good Taylor was, it just gets harder and harder to fathom a True Freshmen making such a great play. 


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