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Icarus: The Dirty Olympic Drug Testing System

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August 21, 2017 at 9:07am

Netflix has a new documentary named Icarus, about how the World Anti-Doping Agency had the Russians dead to right on how the FSB/KGB had a very intense plan to get around WADA and all drug testing, and that almost all of their athletes were doping.  Then, the IOC ignored their report and allowed all Russian athletes to compete in Rio.   

Crazy to watch. Essentially the head of the Russian lab agreed to an independent documentary, and during the filming of this documentary, this guy is targeted by WADA and the entire Russian system is exposed to the world.  

Three things are made clear: humans have always cheated and always will, Russians have always cheated more than any other country, and doping and PED's will never be eliminated from sports. NEVER.  

MUST watch for any sports fan.  

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