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Comment 13 Jan 2020

Amen guys.  Study after study shows that raising the minimum wage does not lead to lower employment. But, facts are optional today for some.  Sad state of affairs.  

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Meyer made the right decision but Da Um, Burrow may be the most accurate quarterback I've ever seen.  Things like his departure from OSU just happen sometime.  And, Burrow was not as good as Fields or Haskins last year which was his 4th in college.  Haskins was 3rd year and Fields 2nd.  Burrow is in his 5th year and can anyone even imagine how good Haskins or Fields would be in a 5th year?  Makes me shiver just thinking about it.  

Comment 13 Jan 2020

What, is this 1811 and you are a Luddite?  Automation has been around for centuries, why is now any different? Or would you rather pay more to have your car hand made?

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Tennessee program is shit and doesn't even have a coach.  He won't win anything there in his career.  And, I have doubts as to whether he will be eligible next year.  

Comment 06 Jan 2020

Q's DL coach at Temple is/was Walter Stewart.  A product of Teays Valley who played FB at Cincinnati, that Marcus Freeman is after at Cincy.  HELL of a great guy and was in a situation like The Blind Side.  Stewart was a runner up to Larry Johnson for DL coach of the year for the 2018 season.  And, He LOVES Ohio State.  

The Bucks should do a two-fer.  Bring in Q and Stewart.   

Comment 23 Dec 2019

Swinney is a hell of a coach.  Two NC's and this is their fifth consecutive playoff appearance and they have been in the championship game three of their four previous playoff appearances. This year Clemson can go ahead of Alabama as far as overall playoff record.  

ANY comments that Swinney is not a great coach or slow on the uptake is complete nonsense. And, he didn't inherit anywhere as strong a team as Day has.  He brought that program way up from where Tommy Bowden left it. 

Can't stand the guy though.