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Comment 14 Jul 2020

I completely agree. I think the problem comes in where people state what they believe is an opinion and someone else believes that opinion cannot exist in a world of facts or science.  Also perplexed that politics doesn't come into discussions about cancer treatment or heart surgery.  Not exactly sure why it should with COVID. 

But, not coming down on any  side for the sake of comity on 11W.  

Comment 04 Jun 2020

This is NOTHING.  Stop trying to believe OSU could profit from a racial misunderstanding as that's just wrong.  No one in our country is completely innocent of racial injustice, including us in the North. 

Comment 19 May 2020
The voters elected the executive who chose the administrators. If being elected was a bar for any administration acting on emergencies, we would be in deep shit. Delegated authority is the only way governments can work. Is this a radical concept?
Comment 19 May 2020
You are participating in natural selection, which is a natural process. And you should as it will improve the gene pool. And, there is no Constututional right to spread a disease. Masks aren't for you, they are to protect others from you.
Comment 19 May 2020
Money did disappear. If you take the billions in revenue lost by companies, which would have been passed on to employees as payroll, which would have been spent at local merchants, there are hundreds of billions of dollars lost. The economy can't just pick back up when disposable income has been cratered. We can't just shit money.
Comment 19 May 2020
Same as a health department can close an unhealthy restaurant, or OHSA unsafe factory or police an unsafe car, elected executives through their departments can close commerce to stop the spread of a communicable disease. No different. Scientists say the death toll would have been double or triple what it is now without the shutdown. A disease that could have wiped out millions is no less a threat than a military attack by a foreign power.
Comment 19 May 2020

Well, I certainly want to avoid political discussions here, but some believe that those who believe it is their right to choose what's best for them, don't have the right to spread a communicable disease. 

When testing is available, we will know who has it and who doesn't.  In the meantime, everyone is possibly communicable and our elected representatives have the authority to shut things down the same as the dept of health can shut down a dirty restaurant.  

Not looking for a back and forth, only stating the other side of the coin. 

Comment 03 May 2020

"Patterson went undrafted after another underwhelming season at Michigan, a long fall after being ranked as the fourth overall prospect in his recruiting class. He seems to be welcoming the challenge, however, and should be the favorite to start at quarterback for Kansas City this fall." 

Can someone explain that to me?  What happened to Mahomes?  Will Chad Henne be released?

Comment 30 Apr 2020

Oh My Gawd.  Best 10 minutes I've spent in a while.  It really brightened my day!

I couldn't stop laughing at the despondency of this guy.  0-41 just killed me!

But, the thought that Harbaugh will change anything is delusional. Harbaugh is not a solution, he's the problem. May he be there another 5 decades.