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The Little League World Series

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August 21, 2014 at 10:17pm

So I just finished watching the LLWS game where "The All Black Team" beat the "Team With a Girl."  I'm very disappointed THAT has been the emphasis of these two teams.  
I'm all for equality, but it's a two-way street.  We're made to believe Mo'ne is "special" because she's a girl playing baseball and the "Jackie Robinson team" is "special" because they're all black.  Well, the team from Japan are, gasp, ALL JAPANESE!!  Who'd have thunk it!  So, why the hell is this such a big effing deal in this country?!  
You don't see dudes playing softball, that would be frowned upon (not very pro-equality) and clearly the Chicago team isn't racist even though no white kids are allowed to be on the team (yet, an all white team with no blacks permitted IS racist?) so, pardon me if I'm confused...
How can we, as a country and society, claim to be "progressive" and "killing racism" or "not sexist", when, really, we segregate OURSELVES, we LABEL ourselves, and we only allow ONE WAY traffic on what should be a two-way street?
The story of these two teams should have been the first team from Chicago since 1983 and the first EVER Philly team to reach Williamsport... but it wasn't... and that disappoints me more than anything.

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