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Mike Trout a classy throwback

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July 16, 2014 at 10:04am

I have been watching Mike Trout for the past three years and he has quickly become my favorite player.    I grew up in Cincinnati watching my boy hood idol Barry Larking hold down SS.  Ever since he retired I have failed to connect to a player.  Barry did so many things well on and off the field he set a high standard.  However,  this Trout kid is a tremendous talent, but what I like is the class in which he plays the game.  

In a day and age where you have the Richard Shermans running their mouth, and the Johhny Footballs of the world (who's ego matches his nickname) it is great to see a throwback like Trout.  Humble, classy, understated.  Watching him last night it looks like he knows he is living every little boys dream and enjoying every minute.  


So who is your favorite player and why?

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