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Comment 25 Nov 2017

I was there in 2010 we curb stomped them.  Damn straight you count it. 

Comment 18 Nov 2017

"I am Spartacus"! 

Comment 12 Nov 2017

I agree with you, but we need some help.  There is still plenty of football left.  If you look at the top ten there are a ton of matchups that will or could happen among those teams. 

Comment 28 Oct 2017

I couldn't figure out why this feels different than when we play scum but I think that is it...respect.  I lived through the Cooper years I can respect what scum can do.  I have none for PSU, none, not one ounce. 

Comment 28 Oct 2017

I really thought our plan the rest of that game after the linebacker ran it back for 60yds was going to just kick it out of bounds.