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ESPN being ESPN (NBA Draft)

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MeyerMattaScarletHeroes's picture
June 26, 2014 at 10:41am

I was watching an ESPN NBA Draft Preview special on ESPNU last night. They had a little feature called the "Anatomy of point guard", where they'd combine different features from different point guards to create a perfect point guard.

I see a glaring ommision...one Aaron Craft. I think a lot of people would agree on this --- OSU fans, non-OSU fans, the B1G, opposing coaches, fans, etc.. When it came to the "Defense" trait, they didn't even mention Craft. Now that's just stupid.

How. In. The. Hell. Do. You. Leave. Craft. Off. When. It. Comes. To. Defense.

Marcus Smart is a great player, and certainly no slouch as a defender, but Aaron freakin Craft is one of THE best on-the-ball defenders in the HISTORY of college basketball. He's certainly the best o.t.b.d. I've seen in my three decades of watching NCAA hoops, and definitely one the best overall defenders I've ever watched as well.

It was also amusing that they selected Marcus Smart for "leadership" too.

C'mon man.





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