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Today's Marvin Wilson Curious Cat Q&A Recap

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January 8, 2017 at 9:37pm

Marvin Wilson held a Q&A on Curious Cat, which is a Q&A website kinda mascotted by a fox...go figure. As you know, tweeting at teens is my favorite past time, so I don't think this platform is necessary, but I'm glad Marvin set aside the time to get to these things consistently. I wouldn't have asked more than zero questions if I wasn't busy rounding these up.

I think (research was limited) that the CC options are to 'ask' or 'confess' things to a person, so people sent stuff in via those options. The interactions get posted to twitter, so here's a recap of stuff that has an OSU flavor.

To be sure, there is plenty that as pro-other places flavor too...but you don't care about that so I applied the scarlet glasses. Might need to click through the tweet to CC to get the full Q&A. 

Forget it, move on.

To be clear though, he is very, very over Texas. Sorry Tom.

So far in the recap, FSU and UCLA fans get that 'you want me and I want a (demographic/physical features) girl, but it ain't happening' treatment.'

It switched. He has good process, don't mind the results. Keep him.

Switched back. I'm indifferent to his decisionmaking process.

Nope, dump him. Final answer.


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