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Darnay Holmes "family decision"

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January 8, 2017 at 11:08am

I've been pondering on this since his commitment to UCLA yesterday. How much of a true "family decision" was it? It's been public knowledge that his dad favored UCLA and he wanted to be a Buckeye. You could see it all week. Every picture of him with other players were with Buckeye commits and a soon to be commit. Everyone clearly saw his nephew pointing to the OSU hat on the table vehemently before being corrected by Darnay's mom. That tells me that at some point during their family meeting it was said Darnay was picking the good guys. My first question is how many other players have we possibly missed on that were "family decisions"? 2nd question. If you were in that position and your son/daughter wanted to go to a school, would you step in and basically override their decision for them?

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