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Comment 27 Apr 2019
I think most of them landed in good opportunities. Campbell has Luck at qb and will play 8 games in doors every year. Weber has a great opportunity to be Zeke's backup and get some reps behind possibly the best line in the league. Dremont gets to lineup on a d line where the focus is on Von Miller. McLaurin is going with Haskins and as referenced in the post no established #1 wr. Anywhere Bosa ended up was going to be good for him.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
Teague looks like a complete back. They used him all over the place. Inside, outside and on swing passes. He's going to contribute this year. I thought Crowley looked more like the power back. He just lowered the shoulders and drove the pile a few times. Potter impressed me too but I think he's buried on the depth chart. That's a deep position on this team. There's a few positions that look set for years to come.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
This is BIG. Pun intended. This is a guy that knows his role too. We've needed a true rim protector for a couple years now. I'd love to see Giddens come in too. It would be awesome to have Giddens/Diallo at the 5 and then Wesson/Liddell/Young playing the 4. Wesson would be a matchup nightmare for most teams at the 4. Especially with another big to keep the double teams at bay for fear of an easy basket.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
They looked more natural. They played looser and mor in rhythm. They weren't outstanding but you could see vast improvements in them. Harrison almost picked one off by reading the qb. They didn't give up big runs and for the most part kept their containment like the safeties. Teague bounced one outside for a td but that'll happen from time to time. The wr also did a good job of sealing the outside that let Teague bounce it.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
They were using the te on a lot of crossing routes and outs. They made a few catches. They missed a big one right in front of us. Ruckert ran a seam route and I think it was Chuganov rushed the throw and threw it too high. It would've been 6 easy.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
My son and I were sitting right behind that endzone. We saw all of the recruits when they came out. I spotted Cavazos and Miller 1st. They were both recruiting hard. Miller just kept rotating who he was talking to every couple minutes. It was our 1st experience in Ohio Stadium and we loved it. The reaction when Zeke walked in was insane. At least 20,000 people started chanting "Zeeeeeeeeeke".
Comment 03 Apr 2019
I'm glad there's no leader yet. I know all the hype around Fields, but Baldwin became a 4* qb in just 1 year of starting. That is a major statement in his abilities. It would also scare the hell out of me if Fields came in and in 9 practices was ahead of a guy that has a year under his belt. Not only that but a backup is only one play away from being the starter so you want them both to be good if not great.
Comment 02 Apr 2019
6 players arrested in just over a month and crickets from the major sports networks. If that was OSU it would be leading off every show. The even fishier thing is they both posted $1,000 bond just in time to get to practice.
Comment 10 Mar 2019
I love how we keep slamming the players for the last few performances. With the lineups that have been on the court this is on Holtmann as much as its on the players. When a coach gives this much of a leash to veteran players that take the worst shots and turn it over the most. Jackson, Woods and Young are just plain terrible. I understand its senior day but this lineup they started with was just pathetic.