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New Commit for 2032 (or 2033-not sure which class he will be in)

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August 1, 2014 at 7:40am

So my son is 2 weeks old this morning, and it's official (at least in my mind; my wife is a ND fan so she might not think so, but we do know 1 place up North he isn't going), and has verbally commited (through some goo goos and gaa gaas, along with what I interpreted to be an early O-H-I-O flailing arm gesture) to play for tOSU.


It was actually funny, the doctor who performed the C-section came into the room prior to surgery and saw I had an OSU hat on.  He said "Go Buckeyes".  Innocent enough, doesn't necessarily mean anything.  Then my wife chimed in about ND, and then the 3 of us all agreed that our son would not be going to TSUN.  I get into the operating room, and I don't remember how, but the conversation turns to Urban Meyer.  One of the other doctors in the same practice, is named Dr. Urban, so a nurse asked our doctor what he was talking about, and he said the coach at OSU.  The nurse asked him if he went there and yep, undergrad and graduate (my wife couldn't believe it, especially since our dogs regular veterinarian is also an OSU grad).  To those of you who currently reside in Ohio, this may not be out of the ordinary, but for someone who resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (via Toledo), it was a shock.  Needless to say, it was a humorous situation for me, as my one friend told me Urban planted that doctor there so he could get the baby's measurables first.


I asked the doctor what he thought about Meyer, and he said well, I said some bad things about him prior to him coming, but now I love him.  I said, I think just about everyone was in the same boat.


Baby Boy and Mommy are doing great!!  GO BUCKS!!!

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