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Josh Sweat Official Visit ......

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July 31, 2014 at 9:52am

Just read that Josh Sweat has just posted his Official Visit schedule, and has the good guy's as being his first visit on September 5th.  Just wondering if anyone can read anything into this.  Obviously most people would believe that the last visit is most important, but I was kind of thinking maybe his 1st visit on the 5th would set the bar for comparison.  The last visit scheduled is with Oregon which most people find surprising.  Hopefully, the "closer" can do his magic and bring this one home, this would top of a class that could finish real strong.


Josh Sweat Official Visits

9/15/2014 - Ohio State


9/19/2014 - Virginia Tech

10/3/2014 - Georgia

10/17/2014 - Florida State

10/31/2014 - Oregon


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