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July 27, 2014 at 9:36pm

Maybe I'm a bit immature or spoiled, but I can't help feel disappointed in OSU recruiting lately. I know I'll probably take some flak for this and I know Urban hasn't let us down yet, but I find some recent trends concerning for a program with aspirations bigger than a B1G Title. I think it's completely reasonable for me to be feeling antsy these days. This post isn't an indictment on our program, but rather a question to all of you. Is it reasonable to be a bit concerned? Let me explain:

-The 2015 class. Yes we landed Cornell and Hilliard, but outside of that can anyone truly say they are blown away with this class? Don't get me wrong it's solid and I like all the kids we are bringing in, but it just doesn't have the feel of a national title type talent class. I understand we are still in a great position with some top talent, but as things currently stand I think UK is the slight leader for Damien Harris and I don't see us landing either Richmond or Burrell despite us being right there. I'm confident in our class and all and think it'll be just fine, but I would have expected better. Expectations can be a downer I guess.

2016: Disclaimer: This is incredibly premature but some trends here are also concerning. As Birm has stated, we trail for BOTH Kraemer and Eichenberg and these kids are guys we could really use. Hopefully we can find a way to land one of them because losing both would really sting. It's also concerning to see top WR talent heading elsewhere. I'm not overly concerned, just think OSU fans should temper their enthusiasm when thinking the 2016 class is gonna be some record setting class. We Are gonna miss out on some guys and that's just part of the game. Still, I think OSU fans should prepare for some disappointment as I don't see it playing out the way many think it's going too. 

All in all, as an avid recruiting follower I just wanted to share my feelings of angst to see how others feel. OSU recruiting is OSU recruiting. We will do just fine. But with us losing some really tough battles lately and seemingly looking like we are going to continue to lose some tough ones to start the 2016 class, are we confident that our recruiting is on par with what's going to be needed to lead us to a title? I'd love to hear what others have to say. It's an honest question and addresses the slippery slope of a fans unrealistic expectations versus what's truly needed to keep up with the likes of Alabama and other powerhouses around the nation. Disappointments in recruiting are inevitable, but from an objective point of view it seems to me OSU has fallen back a step or two in recruiting. Only adds to the importance of this upcoming season IMO.


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